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WHO: Sina, Nari, Beleth, Korrin, Araceli, Thranduil, others as specified in Notes
WHAT: The bonding ceremony of the Firsts of Clans Dahlasanor and Ashara (Siuona and Sorrellean, respectively)
WHEN: mid-Bloomingtide
WHERE: the Planasene Forest
NOTES: Usually only Dalish would be allowed, but amnesty is being granted to close, trusted friends of the bride, including outclan Ashara and Sabrae, should they choose to accept it. Upon the insistence of Clan Dahlasanor, unaffiliated city elves will also be welcomed as long as they aren't disruptive. (OOC note: if you're unsure and your dude wants to go, PM me)

but while we wish, I give what is mine to give )

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CHARACTER NAME: Siuona (Sina) Dahlasanor

Backtagging: Yeah sure!

Threadhopping: Unless it's explicitly stated that the people involved are in a locked room or whatever, I don't see a reason why not.

Fourthwalling: I will be incredibly annoyed by this, please don't.

Offensive subjects (elaborate): Sina is pretty much fair game and I think there are a lot of subjects that might offend her, which could be entertaining. As for me, I try to avoid gendered slurs and would appreciate you doing the same around me.

Hugging this character: Unless she knows your character super well, she will probably freeze until they let go.

Kissing this character: See above except with more freezing and probably a bit of panic.

Flirting with this character: You've got your work cut out for you. :V

Fighting with this character: You're welcome to it, though she's not likely to instigate or provoke.

Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Most injuries are fine, but I'll want to talk it out and give permission for anything more lasting than a scar.

Killing this character: I'd rather you didn't, but we can talk about it.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Tentative yes, but I'll want to know the rules you're going by before I agree.

Kinks: A gentleman never asks and a lady never tells

Warnings: Beware Of Doe Eyes
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Name: Cami
Age: 28
Contact: PM eolasemah
Other Characters: n/a
Interests: I like anything from grand sweeping epics to interpersonal dramas, but in either it's important to me that there are stakes that will be relevant to my character. I try to really inhabit my characters and I always appreciate when other people can do the same-- but having said that, it's important to me that OOC and IC behavior is kept completely separate.


Name: Siuona Dahlasanor (Sina)
Canon/OC: OC
Journal: eolasemah
Race: Dalish elf
Nationality: Planasene Forest (between Nevarra and Kirkwall)
Occupation: Keeper's First, Emissary to Skyhold from the Dahlasanor clan
Age: 19


Born and raised in clan Dahlasanor, Siuona, an only child and a mage, was given over to the Keeper at a very young age. She was schooled individually by Keeper Thalia, who taught her from very early on that her duty to the clan comes first in all endeavors. Thalia, an unusually young Keeper and First of one who died in an unexpected raid on the clan, was determined that Sina never be caught unprepared, as she was.
When it came time to receive her vallaslin, Sina chose to take on the writing of Ghilan'nain. She has always found the story inspiring, of one of the People blessed by the Creators themselves; the blood-writing serves as a constant reminder to do as they will her and to care for their creations.

From childhood, Sina was doted on by two of the younger clan hunters, Isen'halaan and Nahariel. A standoffish and lonely child, she came to appreciate their attention when they had time for her, and as she got older, even occasionally went along on a escapade. She remains close to them both, and apart from Keeper Thalia, there is no one in the world she trusts more than Isen and Nari.

The day the Breach was closed, Sina was collecting herbs for a salve when a rift erupted into being above her-- and before she could react, a shard of some kind pierced her chest. Although she was able to repair the immediate damage with a quick healing spell, once she had staggered back to camp, she collapsed.
Unable to determine the cause and material of her First's injury, Keeper Thalia kept her under constant supervision until, weeks later, word came about that an Inquisition of some kind was dealing with the rifts. With the knowledge that Sina could die if the shard wasn't extracted, Thalia resolved to send her, with Nari to safeguard her and Isen to guide them, to Skyhold.

This is Sina's first time away from the clan. She has never seen a human in the flesh, and other races may as well be myth.


Although naturally shy, Sina's relatively isolated upbringing discouraged her further from making close connections to other people her age. Through the strict Keeper's teachings, she learned that most of life is to be taken seriously and that, as a future Keeper herself, her utmost responsibility in life is to do what's best for them.
Her sense of humor is quiet but it does exist, when one manages to get close enough. As one might predict, she's a worrier, and can work herself into a frenzy when things aren't going her way.

She can be pushed to a breaking point, but is ultimately a people-pleaser to a fault.

[As she is my AU'd Inquisitor, things I should mention are:
She took most of the game to find her feet, almost always deferring to her advisors on important decisions.
She romanced Josephine, finding solace in her easy temperament and relatable nature.
She never could quite get Solas to like her, despite doing all she could to please him. My headcanon as such was that he recognized her for the precocious student she was, but knew she would react badly if he pushed her on the things that matter, ie Elvhen History, etc, and therefore kept his distance.
The one time she ever put her foot down on anything was when Morrigan insisted she shouldn't drink from the Well of Sorrows. Sina snapped and did so anyway. We all know how that turned out.]

Strengths & Weaknesses

Sina is a healer and thus is... good.... at healing. She has a great deal of magical talent that, as a responsible First, she uses only when the need arises.
She has been keeping herself alive with a constant stream of magic against the shard in her chest, which renders her fairly physically weak but able to travel and go about an otherwise normal life.

-incredibly useful in a crisis
-has all kinds of weird knowledge, notably of Elvhen history and herbalism
-good with animals
-unerringly loyal to her own

-can be a downer when things aren't going well
-an absolute pushover


A simple birch staff, carved ornately.
A knapsack containing camping essentials (knife, twine, flint, etc), an assortment of both full and empty potion bottles, and a box made for storing herbs.
A long shirt for sleeping and two sets of clothing, one for travel and one for hanging around.


Having sustained a rift-given injury in the form of a shard in her chest, Sina has been sent by the Keeper to observe activity in Skyhold and find a cure for her ailment. She is reluctant to do this on account of being very sheltered and, at worst, afraid of other races in the world beyond her clan, but is a dutiful sort and understands that her cooperation is in the clan's best interest.


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